As an ALON branded store, distributor or dealer, you have access to support tools, outstanding customer service and can enjoy the benefits of our marketing efforts and promotions. Learn more below about the marketing activities you can participate in to help boost revenue.


By combining digital and mobile technology with marketing activities, the ALON Advantage can help boost store revenue for all of our locations while providing consumer data and preferences.


When you become a branded ALON partner you become part of our family. Our PR activities highlight in-store events, local community outreach efforts and contribute to attracting loyal customers and building a high quality brand with a positive reputation.


ALON Brands uses traditional marketing channels as well as the latest in digital channels, such as text message marketing, to promote and advance the ALON brand, image and reputation.


Who doesn’t love a good contest, especially when it involves FREE GAS or a FREE CAR! We love to sponsor contests, giveaways and sweepstakes to drive sales and reward loyal ALON customers.

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